Kat Dennings And The Cast Of 2 Broke Girls Turned The Show’s Biggest Plot Holes Into Gold

2 Broke Girls ran from September 19, 2011-April 17, 2017. The show featured Max Black (Kat Dennings), a waitress at a neighborhood diner, and Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs), the daughter of a wealthy businessman whose bank assets were seized after he was found guilty of operating a Ponzi scheme.

Caroline is forced to leave her high society Manhattan penthouse in search of work as she had no money. Lucky for her, she finds a diner that is hiring and gets to work alongside her future roommate Max.

Max is extremely entertaining and contains more satirical humor than you will ever need. However, while the show was met with acclaim, many have noticed a few gaping plotholes…

Where Do Max And Caroline Live In 2 Broke Girls?
2 Broke Girls takes place in Williamsburg which is a part of Brooklyn, NY. From the quirky lines we hear and some of the plots, they lead us to believe it is not very safe. However, Brooklyn is a diverse and vibrant borough with a rich cultural history and numerous attractions, including world-renowned museums, beautiful parks, and delicious food. It’s worth exploring beyond its stereotypes.

Williamsburg is considered a nice part of Brooklyn. Can you get mugged there? Yes, you can get mugged anywhere, but it’s not quite as bad as the show makes it seem. Like in season 3, episode 14, Max goes to a male friend’s house, which is actually a dumpster he made over, and Caroline thinks she is going to be killed for having a car towed from in front of the cupcake shop. The episode is hilarious but just slightly unrealistic for Williamsburg.

Another ridiculous part of where they live is their apartment. In the pilot episode, Max explained that she didn’t pay rent because the previous tenant died yet continued to pay for it with his pension checks. Ok, Max. It’s a funny concept, but it’s hard to believe that someone could get away with that in a trendy and gentrified neighborhood like Williamsburg. However, the show is not meant to be taken too seriously and is just meant to provide some laughs.

Also, is it just the way they decorate? No, there are several comments made about others who live in the building and the surrounding area that lead viewers to believe it is an absolute dump. Even their friends tell them they’re living in an armpit.

However, in the episode “Model Apartment,” they put their place on AirBnB and end up renting it to the Victoria’s Secret Angels. What Victoria’s Secret model is going to hang out in Williamsburg if it’s as dangerous as they make it seem? Also, do you think they are really going to stay in a dump?

What Do Max And Caroline Do To Earn Money On 2 Broke Girls?
When the series starts, we see Max and Caroline as waitresses. They are apparently the only waitstaff Han has ever hired. Seriously, aside from the brief time Oleg’s relative came to work there, we never see any other waiters.

As waitresses in New York, they follow different laws than in some other states. For one, the minimum wage in New York City is currently set at $15.00 for employers with fewer than 10 employees. When this show ran, the minimum wage was around $12.00. If Max and Caroline work 40 hours per week, after taxes, they would have taken home around $3,000 together.

If they paid rent, then that’s all they would be able to do. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg is $2,786 a month. As mentioned, they pay no rent because the previous tenant’s pension checks are paying it. We see everything get deducted as they spend it, but we never see paychecks get added to the total. Where does that money go?

Max is always complaining about how poor they are, yet they have a horse. Chestnut came from Caroline. She got to keep that when she had to leave. She doesn’t have the heart to get rid of him. Chestnut is more than just a horse to her, he’s a reminder of the life she had to leave behind and the memories she cherishes.

But, it’s not like they have the means to take care of him properly even if they wanted to. So this huge race horse just lives on their patio, and they never have to clean up after him or take care of him? Just a little sketchy.

What Are The Small Plot Holes In 2 Broke Girls
In season 1, episode 5, titled “And the ’90s Horse Party,” it is revealed that Max has student loan debt. Then we get to season 3, episode 24, titled “And the First Degree,” where it is revealed that Max never graduated from high school.

She couldn’t possibly have any student loan debt. This inconsistency could be explained if Max took out private student loans, which do not require a high school diploma or GED. However, this is never explicitly stated in the show.

Caroline had a wealthy upbringing and even earned an MBA. We see her speaking fluent French, fluent Japanese, passable Arabic, and some Hebrew. In “And Not-So-Sweet Charity,” she shows she also knows ASL. In “And the Girlfriend Experience,” she shows she knows some conversational Korean and in “And the Grate Expectations”, she claims to have picked up enough Russian from her au pair as a child to comprehend the gist of Yuri’s phone message to Oleg in Ukrainian.

However, on “The Near Death Experience,” when Caroline and Max are eavesdropping on Nicholas’ (French) conversation with his wife, Caroline doesn’t understand them. Max says she thought Caroline spoke fluent French, and Caroline says she speaks just enough French to impress Americans. It makes us wonder if she knew any of the languages she was speaking.

We aren’t mad, though. Through it all, 2 Broke Girls gave us a lot of laughs. Both Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings have moved on to other projects, and have remained very close friends ever since.

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