Why Anya Taylor-Joy Skipped the 2023 SAG Awards

Anya Taylor-Joy made a splash last Sunday at the BAFTA Awards in her brown mini dress and giant cape ensemble. But tonight, the fashion-forward actress chose to skip this evening’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. Her absence isn’t too surprising: Taylor-Joy isn’t nominated for anything this year, nor did her film The Menu, which was nominated at other ceremonies, make the list of SAG Award nominees.

As none of her projects are being recognized, there was no reason for Taylor-Joy to make the long trek from London, where the BAFTAs were held, to Los Angeles for the SAG Awards.

Taylor-Joy was last photographed in London this week, enjoying a night out with her partner Malcolm McRae on February 24.

She attended the Floyd Mayweather v Aaron Chalmers fight at London’s O2 arena on Saturday:

Taylor-Joy spoke to Harper’s Bazaar UK in December about why she likes going from project to project, with little break in between. “I work back-to-back,” she said. “Characters are real people for me, and I mourn them when they’re gone. So being able to jump from the skin of one person into the next rather quickly, actually helps me compartmentalize my feelings. I give myself an hour to breathe and then I have to let it go and move on to the next thing the next day. I’m proud that I’ve kept up with that.”

She added that she honestly can’t pick a favorite movie or TV show she’s ever done. “Trying to pick a project that I’m most proud of is like trying to pick between children,” she told the outlet with a laugh. “Even if you do have a favorite, you’re not supposed to say it!”

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