Drake Teases a New Single Including a Sample of Kim Kardashian Discussing Her Divorce from Kanye West

Does Drake and Kanye West’s dispute still exist?

The rapper’s unreleased song, thought to be called “Save Me,” was played over the weekend on Sound 42’s The Fry Yiy Show on SiriusXM Radio.

Many believe he is targeting the 45-year-old “Flashing Lights” artist because he used audio from Kim Kardashian discussing her divorce from Kanye West (which was officially finalized in November of last year) in the Keeping Up with the Kardashians 2021 series finale.

“I didn’t travel this far simply to be unhappy afterward. Observe that, “Kardashian, 42, is heard saying on the track, as heard on a recording that Complex has access to.

The 36-year-old Take Care rapper hasn’t yet commented on the song’s debut, but producer BNYX confirmed he worked on the song’s beat on Instagram.

“I can still recall adding Drake acapellas to my beats to gauge their difficulty. Look now, “He composed.

The two rappers have a history of fighting; in the past, they frequently dissed each other in their music and on social media.

But most recently, in August 2021, Drake rekindled the argument by criticizing West in his verse on Trippie Redd’s “Betrayal.”

He rapped, “All these idiots I’m beefin’ with, I hardly know / Forty-five, forty-four (burned out), let it go.” You can’t change anything for me; it’s fixed.

Rapper “Famous” allegedly responded by posting Drake’s address on social media.

Fans immediately began analyzing the lyrics of Drake’s Certified Lover Boy, which was published in September 2021, as many of them seemed to be directed towards West. Drake never specifically mentioned West by name, but numerous lines in several songs seem to be directed at him, most notably in “7AM on Bridle Way,” when he makes reference to the event with the home location.

“Isn’t that an amusing finding that the fourth level of envy is referred to as the media? In lieu of making a post out of desperation, give your driver that address and make it your destination “He does rap.

Drake seems to refer to the idea of a romantic relationship in a stanza of the song “Pipe Down,” which also seems to allude to his rivalry with West, even though Kardashian has long refuted allegations that she and Drake were romantically engaged.

He raps, “That n- can’t even look at me, he fell off twice. Why does your ex believe we’re beefin’, is that man alright?” “You’re so two-faced, I don’t know which face to look at,” I wanted to scream in your face.

Yet by the end of the year, when they reunited to perform at the Free Larry Hoover charity concert in Los Angeles in November 2021, it seemed like the rappers had put their differences behind them.

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